How I was able to takeover s3 bucket of a trading site

Imran Huda
2 min readOct 27, 2020


Assalamualaikum to all. My name is Imran Huda. I’m from bangladesh.I’m a student and I have been doing bug bounty for almost two years . I just crossed 20 in september. A little introduction was needed as it’s my first writeup.

Today I will share a story how i was able to find a s3 bucket takeover on a trading and investment site. This is not new or not a interesting one but i thought to share it to the community. The site is private on Hackerone so will call it . The site only had the main domain in scope and lots of hacker’s was in thanks page. For that i was not thinking to find anything easily.

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The unclaimed bucket :

To find s3 bucket on webpages I have been using a Firefox Add-on called “S3 Bucket List by Alec Blance” you can find it here .I was surfing and saw that I have captured some s3 bucket on my Add-on . One of the bucket caught my attention as i was seeing “NoSuchBucket”

And a smile on my face

The bucket may have been accidently deleted or they have forgotten to remove from the site. The bucket had a image file “blahblah.png” and it was “

I created the bucket and uploaded a png file with the same name “blahblah.png”. After that when anyone visits the page they will see my uploaded content on the page

are you guessing the program :0

Then I wrote a sweet little report.It was triaged and rewarded within a day.

Almost a year

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Thats all. Thanks for reading and be safe.